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10/30/07 07:02 pm - a_lil_spaz - Introduction Post

Name: Nikki.
Job Title: Actually I'm a student. Diploma of Events Management at South Bank TAFE in my first semester. Loving it!
State in Australia: Queensland.
Brief Description on the type of events or marketing you do: I love cultural and social event organising, but I'm up for anything that is considered small-scale. I do not wish to travel overseas extensively when my career takes off after I finish my degree. Ultimate goal = own business.
What you hope to get out of this community: Industry know-how and perhaps even some connections.

Nice to meet you all!

7/1/07 09:06 pm - jacbowie - Dark Angels Tickets Now On Sale!!

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4/24/06 09:26 am - sakuraflower


Not really relevant to this community but still. It's pretty damn cool ;)

4/19/06 01:41 pm - eves

Hello :)

Since ive asked around and came to some dead ends i thought id ask here...

Im in the midst of organising a huge 40th birthday. Ive done everything except balloons.
I want helium ballons, but am only willing to pay up to about $50 for them.

Any ideas or suppliers i could go to?


3/24/06 01:52 am - kali_grrr - Universities

Does anyone here work in the University scene at all? More specifically the Student Activities areas.
I'm just wondering the real effects of VSU on these areas.


3/23/06 03:32 pm - claireyfairy1

Hi, I'm new here. I am not based in Australia, but I am organising a conference in Fremantle, Perth this year, and I'm looking for advise from natives!

Name: Claire
Job Title: Conference Organiser
State in Australia: Actually based in the UK - event is in Fremantle, Perth
Brief Description on the type of events or marketing you do: I organise academic conferences, primarily in the health and social care research field. Our events are often hosted locally, but can be national or international, hence why I'm here.
What you hope to get out of this community: I was hoping for some marketing advice.

Basically, I was wondering if anyone had any good advice for marketing my conference outside our usual fields. I've never organised a conference internationally before and so my usual avenues don't always apply. Is there any education press that I might be able to use? Any advice at all would be really helpful.

The conference is in June, so it's quite soon. We've exhausted most of our known avenues and I'm just looking to see what I might have missed. I'm always happy to return advice as I have a fair bit of experience organising conferences and evening functions.

3/7/06 01:39 pm - organisethis - anyone>

Afternoon People - Does anyone know of a place that does/hires coffee barista's (along with the person to make/serve them) for a reasonable price?

xposted to melbournemaniac

2/25/06 06:28 pm - organisethis - NSW info

Well I just pulled off a successful event in Sydney (I'm in Melbourne) without even leaving my desk.
It was a cruise with Captain Cook Cruises. They did a great job and THEY confirmed all the info with ME. I didn't have to chase them for anything.

Highly Recommended.

2/24/06 09:14 pm - eves - introductions

Name: Evie
Job Title: Bartender/Waitress/Function Supervisor
State in Australia: Melb.
Brief Description on the type of events or marketing you do: I just graduated as an Event Manager so im still looking to get my foot in the door, but ive done some event and marketing work for local community festivals and charity organisations to gain expereince
What you hope to get out of this community: meet some people in the industry, get to network, and hopefully get my career started :)

2/24/06 08:40 pm - strongersharper

Name: Annie.
Job Title: Student (Bachelor Of Business).
State in Australia: Victoria.
Brief Description on the type of events or marketing you do: i don't DO any, but i'm very interested in getting into event management.
What you hope to get out of this community: advice, a bit of background. it's so hard to get your foot in the door... i'll do anything i can :)
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